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  From an overall perspective, a complete Web site promotion optimization team should have at least the following Division of labour: programmers, website editing, product planning staff, outside the chain, the customer service staff of the High Commissioner. Details can be used by Web sites to make its own decision, but overall the combination is extremely widely used a combination.
products planning can is a team, also can is a personal, is website operation in the very important of a ring, required mind active, on Internet of new sensitivity strong, can tightly master live Internet of trend, according to user of needs, planning design products, making team of promotion plans, in implementation in the found topics and timely adjustment, and has must of line Xia flow planning capacity, while also to has good of communication capacity, due to a products of birth often need full company upper and lower common efforts, This makes the product planning staff must coordinate with all parts of the company. Website now only online promotion in the net long has failed to keep up pace of Internet development, and offline interaction flows, allows users to more easily remember your website and achieve the purpose of branding.
website from development to online to operation, programmer are is essential of a sector, regardless of is website usually suffused with of various errors, remains because development and need improved, are need programmer of intervention, can timely increased function, achieved products planning staff by planning of products, according to customer service staff, website codification, feedback of information and improved website, so said, programmer can is a website most important of link. Work
compiled by the Web site is organized every day website content to ensure both quality and quantity of updates every day on the Web site, which not only is needed to attract users, more is needed to attract search engine spider. Original content updated every day on the website, will search engine spiders to crawl your site every day, your site content, included up, search engines give the weights will increase weight increase, ranking will be near the top, can be more effective in attracting user traffic. While website codification also required has must of SEO knowledge, every day released large original articles is impossible of, so they required has good of text Foundation, can put collection to of some articles for pseudo original of processing, and in released new of articles Shi, also required consider to search engine of preferences, do website internal links of erection, these are is a competent of website codification of work by to focused on of place.
saying: "content for King, outside chain for Emperor", visible outside chain is website operation in the very important of a points, we are know, search engine spider most basic of principle is from using links from a website fear to another website, ultimate completed on whole Internet big sector website of traverse, and decided spider on you website of goodwill of reasons is many of, which chain received you website of reverse links number, reverse links of quality is two very important of points. So when Commissioner outside the chain in the chain, not only to the number of high quality links exchange, should also pay attention to release high quality external links, like in some soft of high ranking Web site, Baidu publish some articles with links on their own products, while outside the chain to increase emphasis on speed, not too fast or too slow. So the chain Commissioner requires a lot of SEO expertise.
Customer Service staff main is responsible for website of Shang user topics of answers and advisory, Internet is a virtual of world, and user is is reality world of people, so, customer service of voice and text can will two a world each other contact, closer interval, also answers has customer of questions, and discourage customer of concerns, while through skilled of sales skills and the words operation on customer for effective of sales flow, ultimate reached sold of purpose. Meanwhile, staff must have a good customer service through customer feedback for filtering, the ability to aggregate, to operating part of product planning, staff and technical staff, to improve the site, the purpose of promoting sales. It can be said that customer service staff is "keep" part of the whole company, customer service sales directly determine the overall income level of the entire company staff interaction between!
, goals, the team's overall business levels, knowledge stores, which is a hub for website success. And the power of teamwork is extremely strong, in the contest with competitors that can very well reflected, a team with a strong centripetal force is essential for the Web site.