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SEO done a may find everyone in an age of confusion, for some time will find that no matter what your site's ranking was afflicted, what exactly is this problem? These used to be the problem I am having, but now looking back on it is own in the wrong way?
do with Baidu algorithm update, now more and more are caught in a cycle of optimization the optimization, keep increased content for your Web site, keep publishing chain, kept by question, an optimized every morning at 8 to 24 o'clock, it is hard work, but trying hard every day but there is no return, what reason? Optimization method is ultimately because we are incorrect.
error: desperate for Web site content.
for website increased content is is good, but author to asked a sentence optimization who you these content is from what and to does? is reproduced also is copy, is pseudo original also is original does? these are is website optimization of key, true Baidu announced of description in the proposed of is to increased user experience, how a sentence is kept of for website increased content is increased user experience did? author told you: you of thinking is errors of, increased user experience not let you to increased website content, but let you for website increased high value of content And what kind of content with high value?
(1) with the readability, if the content is not readable then is a spam article, not content.
(2) has correlation, you of website is do what, you of content is what does? has correlation did?
(3) has original degrees, Internet of high value content too more has, has may you a industry has countless of high value content, but most key of is these content is you of website published of did?
errors II: desperately of for website released outside chain.
often refers to a Word when we used to do optimization: content is King, the chain for the emperor. But this sentence is still effective? webmasters accurate method cannot be found, gathered a lot of forums, paste it, outside the chain of the portal publishing, webmasters but do you think you make faster, webmaster deleted faster. Such a website of outside chain after found pigment engine spider grab zhihou and was delete, long of down will on website caused immeasurable of loss, case you why also to desperately of sent outside chain does? real of building outside chain not let you day do in computer next stream of to sent, but to through reasonable of method to building, like we can through Forum knowledge of share to building outside chain, these analysis content can using Internet articles; we also can himself established Sina Blog to building website outside chain; Is still Baidu, Pygmy, and more reasonable channel construction site outside the chain. Instead of letting you desperately every day in your own free collection of forums, posted it to publish outside the chain, so that when released outside the chain of death rather than to save the site.
error III: hard questions.
has part webmaster see Baidu know of ranking very high, so tried of wants to to Baidu know left a website outside chain, but webmaster you whether wants to had not right of question-and-answer behavior will let you of Web site caused Baidu of antipathy, Baidu know is not all website are can finalists of, especially now Baidu know more tube more strictly, if you didn't want to you of site was Baidu drop right, so author goodwill of told you; Baidu know we can do, but is daily are do, more not desperately of to do, Do a week or half a month to make a feasible does not cost you a lot of time to do question-and-answer, this is a skill not hard work.
If you hard your site's ranking has not changed for a long time when you have to come back to think your way out of the problem, and then make further adjustments.