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Web site promotion Web site content updates in the process also have a certain skill, our ultimate goal should be SEO optimized w-to update the article. Update frequency control articles every day or every two days a business article. Never for a long time not update and update many at a time.
    1, to avoid duplicate content. Website editor when Web site content is updated, it is best to avoid the high number of repetitive and pointless article. This type of content to the website, without any value, even after added content will also be search engine filter.
    2, to avoid capture. Acquisition does make the Editor's job easy, but in fact this is a project with no quality. Help is not any information on the site, some useless information will damage the site's authority. Harmful effects of collecting is not just reflected in the duplicate content, and update frequency imbalances that will let Web site.
    3, pay attention to audit information. Each additional article, first read the gist of the article. Read the title there is no need to modify it as user's search habits. To rewrite every article title avoids reproduced intact.