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For outside chain for, certainly is more more more good, coverage more big, different of source more more on site of help on more big, may most outside chain personnel daily has put large of time to created has knows of outside chain source in the to, like today to do 100 a replies, 50 article blog, 50 a forum reply and so on, only a small or almost no left time to research how to get new of outside chain source, several source 1000 a and 900 a on search engine for difference is not special big, Forum signature more weight in particular is very low, but compared to 900 source a and source b 20 the chain that would have been different.
for website optimization staff, particularly against mainland China Baidu search engine optimization staff, external link is a site optimization work in very important work, as the saying goes in the anchor chain content form the site of three basic.
1, and outside chain source to broad as outside chain how to do, blog outside chain, Forum outside chain, friendship links, B2B, classification information, external chain source we can from Internet Shang found many many on how do outside chain how fast do outside chain, can sent outside chain of Forum encyclopedia and so on content, however today Shanghai SEO wants to and everyone to discussion of is station in search engine of angle thinking outside chain, we temporarily down hands of update outside chain work, station in search engine of angle to review site of outside chain situation, You will how to judge?
2, and outside chain to correlation if we of site is enterprise station, manufacturing of site daily most outside chain are is appeared in the big SEO forum above, so 1000 a forum signature outside chain and 100 a manufacturing related industry of links which a better more can passed weight does?
3, and outside chain to coherent sex any work are cannot every few days to went awry, do outside chain is important, especially site weight not high of when, daily a top to stable live outside chain of volume, Gradually increased, regular increases so that search engines will like if suddenly increased or decreased a lot, search engines will be suspicious.
4, and outside chain to planned site to has plans, promotion to has plans, outside chain also also to has plans, dang you site established of early set a plans, yihou all according to plans to implemented on can has, without often change himself of mode, such on site bad on personal also is trouble, dang we has has plans to implemented on can has more of time to perfect site, to update content and should some accident of occurred.
the four basic points is personally think chain outside aspect very important content, as we stand in the search engine's perspective outside the chain, we can better improve the quality and efficiency of our chain