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Site Home snapshot update tips

Website snapshot is when search engines crawl Web site data, a cache of Web pages, users encounter websites will not open when properly view site data, snapshots can also tell the webmaster and site updates on this site in the search engines and, of course, the snapshot time is not equivalent to time updating the Web site.
webmaster knows things, site Home snapshot is updated in the search engine, the sooner the better, but there is worry about snapshot update very slowly, today I will introduce you to Web site Home snapshot update methods.
1, content is King, as we all know, Baidu's favorite is original, that is a favorite of it, why not meet it on our website. Baidu's demand is not high, as long as your site content that is updated daily has an article or several original, Baidu will give you update every day Home.
2, and update content of select now online has large of website, are is collection family name website Shang of content, if you website Shang has many content is collection family website Shang of, can will note has, collection original content, you first see about, original content of time whether is in half hours within of, if over half hours of content, on to Baidu Xia search about, see included this articles has how many, if included volume in 20 article within, you also is can update collection of.
3, and original placed location original in you website Shang placed of location, this is is important, because only you to original put a good location, or has opportunities in Home more of place displayed out, Baidu spider on will has more of opportunities crawling same of articles, you included of opportunities on will more big, original included has, you also worry Baidu not every day update you of Home snapshot did.
4, updated content from multiple Web sites if the content of your site from other sites, you must pay attention to, don't just collect a website's content, or to more than one site collection, such as this morning I collected the contents of a Web site, to change this afternoon. For more site collection content, Baidu spider comparative content when the original or not, to up the ante, or in other words get away. If your site's content comes from a Web site every day, and Baidu spider as long as two or three days it will be found. If we update the content from different websites, opportunities to be found is relatively small.
5, update time when you manage your website content, whether original or original artifacts, don't update too much at a time, each time you update it to appear in Home Shang, because Baidu Spider to crawl the content page of your website, the first way is the site of the Home. For example, you update 50 articles a day, you can be divided into five times, updated 10 articles at a time, enough for the Baidu spider crawl when you update content.
snapshot of a site from to a certain extent reflect the site's updates, and popularity, also shows that to a certain extent in the optimization of the site. Can be used as a reference for judging Web site optimization and factors.