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Search engine optimization must pay attention to three major errors

Is a search engine search engine optimization search rules to improve the objective within a site in the search engine rankings. Based on search engines through SEO marketing ideas, offers eco-marketing solution for your Web site to make it occupy a leading position in the industry to gain brand benefits, talk about website design search engine optimization must pay attention to three errors.
1, unstable frame structure and variable keyword this is the website of mistakes all novice webmasters will make, and it is a very serious error, frequent modifications website, very easily lead to sites being search engine penalties, ranging from Web sites do not update is not included, then the site will be Baidu k off its feathers. So, website in not hamper user access website, and and not on the big search search engine caused what effect words, webmaster are best don't random changes, even is to changes also to, you of website reached must weight of when to modified, and modified of range and times are cannot too frequently!
2, and large collection network information not added modified of directly using now Enterprise website between completely not added modified of each other reproduced copying network information has into has a habits. Although such do is bad, but webmaster are daily has large of work need processing, completely original words day up also on so of several just, fundamental on didn't approach meet website of need, and webmaster are also no so more of time and energy to completed these original, but on these collection to and reproduced to of information, don't not added modified of took to on with, you need for appropriate of modified and pseudo original, such do of effect and original of effect is as of.
3, and flood of website advertising and play window advertising certainly website of advertising can let website by all quickly understand website latest of promotions information, many website by all will because some advertising information and contributed to consumption, so many novice webmaster to can quickly open products sales, in website Shang put large advertising, network promotion edit pointed out that, website by all into website is to understand website of content, gets himself need of information, if too more of advertising let by all cannot normal of experience website of content, Audiences will soon give up the experience on the site, the site also has lost many of its website audience and potential customers, so nothing wrong with advertising on the site, but not excessive, especially avoid the appearance of pop-up ads.
website construction is a process to implement the site life, webmasters tireless commitment and efforts are needed, don't rush to big ones.