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Foreign trade website which features are required

A very well designed home to own it company to excellent effect, on behalf of the company or the enterprise's image to a certain extent, and bring more business opportunities for them, and more and more companies are in the process of creating that reflects your features, excellent publicity page. Website design company talking about what is required of foreign trade website.
1 and company profile: whether it is a manufacturing company or a company Web site, after you open the Web site should have a page number frame is used to introduce the enterprise. Special attention should be shown is ISO 9000 series certification, product certification, trade certification of quality, environmental protection certification (ISO 14000 series) such certificate or logo.
2, product quick view function: enable our customers to fuzzy search by product name, type, category, access to relevant product information, pictures, information, production and supply of skills.
3, product information publishing businesses own website design makes it easy to publish a variety of product offerings and buying information, managers can use the background management interface among supply products and buy raw materials and information into the database, and through customizable page templates to publish your supply and demand information classification, clients can query for this information, and so on.
4, information about online publishing, content has become the industry standard for corporate websites.
5, Web building other content news (publishing company news, press releases, feature stories, and so on) in order to increase investor confidence, strengthen enterprise cohesion, enhance the corporate image.
6, the procurement system: corporate website not only for sales and service, but also for the procurement of services. Many procurement approach enables companies to find better partners, reduce costs. Procurement catalog and purchase information should be provided on the site, such as providing products that meet the global procurement standards. Due to the very low transaction costs through platform, without intermediaries, so minimizing the cost, this for the enterprise's products as soon as possible on the vast space of the international markets, expand the scale of production enabling.
7, contact contact function: regardless of which corner of the customer in the world, are available through the Web site for online consultation, discussions with the advancement of technology, you can also communicate face to face over video, such as audio and video chat platform. In addition, the website should also have to discuss management, to discuss appointments, information search and so on.
8, international order inquiry: websites should be designed to place orders interface let any customer online ordering or chassis, the company sales or marketing staff to instant understanding of the order status from the background.
9, customer feedback communication systems: website design should have a message board or platform, allowing users to conveniently made various demands, the background should promptly be asked or transmitted the complaint to the appropriate Department or personnel departments from a message board or public letter box after receiving this information, the acting company to respond in a timely manner to customers, answers to questions including after-sale service and so on.