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Benefits of maintaining good habits of article updates

In order to provide the most fresh information, search engines continue to increase the frequency of crawling content, according to SEO website update frequency of observation for a while decided to set the next crawl of the cycle, maybe everyone's tired of updating long, however, the efficiency of the spiders is limited, which is why website optimization must be taught to stay updated. Only when the principles of search engine optimization spider site updates, to ensure good results.
a, and spider crawling of time increasingly less website update of frequency with Spider crawling of frequency into is proportional to the, for has been in insisted continued constantly update of site,, spider of duties is for Internet of user constantly of provides timely, and most full, and latest, and effective, and of information dynamic and news Advisory, if continuous days are no fresh content can grab, it can on Internet user up to of value apparently is to is greater than long-term stagnation not update of similar don't website of, Spider will consider more across days again to, In a vicious circle of laziness.
II, and weight also increasingly low for long-term not update of website,, website optimization in holiday during neglect update, with one week of time make up has three days no update content led to of snapshot update problem, search engine will take k off early included content of way to reduce inventory of burden, in timely found and for appropriate remedy of situation Xia, led to holiday zhihou included outside chain small range declined, during was k off of hundreds of included only is buy has a lessons, warning Ah.
three, and outside chain role increasingly was ignored outside chain can better of attract spider of crawling, outside chain of role basic was shelved, if no update content, spider also had to empty-handed and back, next Dang spider face the links of when also will questioned links that head of information source can provides fresh of content, white run a trip this waste search engine server resources of things, spider but avoidance of than.
four, and included volume also by days of declined search engine to burden will judge non-original of included articles and k off, content in initial available Shi in Internet Shang of repeat sex low, same or similar of content on will full Internet, but had has a time zhihou, undoubtedly will to search engine of favored, not keep update of website is easy was errors thought is not industrious of plagiarism who.
keep the good habits of SEO site updates, Web site optimization operations become more effective every day, reducing the unnecessary operation, attention to sites within the time, slowly you will find operation will become less and less time, and optimize the effect of more and more!

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